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 The Children of The Wild: a Wolf RPG

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PostSubject: The Children of The Wild: a Wolf RPG   Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:18 am

We are Wolves.

We are Guardians of the Forest,

Hermits of the Mountains,

Sages of the Night.

Become a Lone Wolf.

Live off the land as a lone wolf. Prosper off the sweat of your own labors. Fall between the boundaries and make your own name for yourself.

Form a Pack of your Own.

Establish control over your dominion. Gain the respect of your subordinates, and build an army. Form alliances, defend against intruders, and defeat your rivals.

Join an Existing Pack.

Rise through the ranks to serve your Alpha. Find the mate of your dreams. Start a family, and watch your offspring grow. Bear your pack’s name with dignity.

Your Freedom. Your Choices. Your Fate.

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The Children of The Wild: a Wolf RPG
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