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PostSubject: K Y R A<--EQUINE ROLEPLAY!   Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:33 am


In the lands of Kyra horses roam wild, free from hands of humans, living on land unseen by the human eye. They lived peacefully in the earlier years, until a brute named Demetri came to live upon their lands. Demetri dreamed of armies of horses, of thousands of slaves doing his bidding. He became sick with these ideas, unable to think of anything else, and soon, his thoughts became reality. He soon was sick with power, doing anything he could to gain more land. He had the most mares in the land and each and every one of them was to bare his foal.

The thought of more of him was horror. The horses who lived in fear begun to kill off the pregnant mares when darkness came. They thought they had taken them all down, that was because of one stallion's foolish mistake. A stag named Trifius fell in love with one of the pregnant mares and pretended she was baring his foal, so the mare stayed living. It remained secret, they were not to tell Demetri, or Trifius would be killed. But one of his closer friends found out the secret, the lie Trifius had told and told Demetri. Trifius was executed immediately, and Demetri brought the mare into special confinement to keep her safe from the other horses.

The mare started to go crazy, her only company was Demetri and his daily beatings and harsh words. Her mind begun to change, she realized maybe the crazed stallion wasn't so bad after all. She begun to get used to the beatings, and actually began to like Demetri. She gave birth to a pure black colt, handsome as can be, eyes were a dark blue. After the foaling she was kicked out of the security confinement to live with the others. Demetri raised the foal himself for several months, only bringing the mare in to feed the foal.

Little did Demetri know that a mutiny was brewing, all his slaves against him except that one mare. So as he bonded with his baby, his slaves were planning on how to kill him. The mare of course was on his side though, so she made plans to rescue him and their baby, who she had named Cobalt.


xx New site, lots of herds available.

xx Interesting and unique plot.

xx Active staff members

xx Friendly environment

xx Cool skin and design

xx Literate RPG(100+ words)

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