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 Nyore Valley {Elemental Wild Equines}

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PostSubject: Nyore Valley {Elemental Wild Equines}   Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:13 am

{Nyore Valley}
An elemental wild equine roleplay.

Settled atop tall mountains, nestled in great earthen caves, locked away in charred forests, and wandering the water's shore are a mysterious group of horses. They are in sync with the earth far beyond any ordinary horse's reasoning. They draw energy from the ground they stand on and use it to their advantage. They are Air. They are Earth. They are Fire. And they are Water.
Welcome to Nyore Valley! We are an intermediate-advanced roleplay. Some of the site features are:

  • Prize store
  • Contests
  • Structured Kingdoms
  • Great graphics
  • Character Afterlife
  • Open staff positions
  • Open lands
  • And great prospects!

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Nyore Valley is a new site. We look forward to roleplaying with many new members...Come check us out!
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Nyore Valley {Elemental Wild Equines}
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