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 Form & Rules

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PostSubject: Form & Rules   Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:21 am

So, you want to audition off one of your characters, huh? Alright, just follow these things and you'll be able to do just that.

  • Use the form, and fill it out completely, leave no fields empty. The more you detail the character's personality, appearance, and such, the more others may want to audition for it! After you've filled it out, post a new topic with it.
  • You make your own rules as to who, and how, your character goes. Whether you just give it to the first person who merely says "can I have it," or require a four paragraph role-play example, it can be anything, so long as it doesn't involve any payment of PawPrints.
  • If you obtain a character here, you can't just put it back up for adoption. You have to wait at least three months to put that character up for adoption again; No matter the owner.
  • After someone's taken your character, you must reply to your(or previously yours) character's topic stating who has taken it via adoption.

[b]Link to Profile:[/b] [url=linkhere]titlehere[/url]

[b]Owner's Rules/Expectations:[/b]
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Form & Rules
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