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PostSubject: Abilities   Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:01 pm

Having trouble finding out what abilities your wolf can have? This topic is to help that, and gives descriptions of each ability.

Aves are winged wolves. Often feathery, and white, these large wings sprout from the shoulders of the wolf they are attached to. They are not strictly this appearance, and can range from many shades of colors, meaning that a brown wolf would have brown wings, a grey wolf with grey wings, etc. However, only wolves with a base coat of black or a very, very dark color can have bat wings.

.:Gailda: [gALe-duh]
Gailda are are able to change partially in the water, growing gills, their paws becoming more webbed. They keep their lungs, though, and are still enabled to come up for air; Though isn't needed due to their gills. They are excellent swimmers, and when they leave the water they look like a normal wolf would.

.:Rediza: [rE-D-zuh]
Blazes of flames dance around the paws of Rediza strongly, providing a superb weapon against their foes. These flares only happen when the wolf possessing this power is angry, and likewise it can only be extinguished through calming down.

.:Envina: [N-vI-nuh]
With the option of disappearing and reappearing, Envina this power are able to hide completely at any moment, so long as they're afraid. Once they resolve their scared state, they regain visibility, and can be seen again.

.:Chezech: [chez-ek]
Chezech are able to run at speeds that a cheetah would reach, they are great runners, and usually have a lighter build, though isn't always. There are side-effects, however, when running at the top speed or close to it: The wolf will get over-heated and weak, meaning that you'd better find some water, fast, unless it's cold outside and you'll cool yourself.

.:Paninin: [pahn-N-N]
Paninin are wolves that have one or two symbols representing a magical element of the Circle of Dawn, often two on the shoulders, under the eyes, hips, etc. Other times there is only one, which would usually just be on the chest, forehead, and so forth. The wolves hold a magical power that matches the symbols it has. The elements within the Circle of Dawn thus far are: Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning; Meaning that the wolves can have any of these symbols, and the powers with them represent the elements they hold. Even with this power, even the most experienced wolf can only make small things of each.

.:Zaelin: [zAle-N]
Zaelin are wolves with no difference visually. They are always light-colored, such as white, tan, grey, and normally carry unique markings under the eyes of a unnatural color, such as purple or blue. Eyes can be any shade of the rainbow, however. Zaelin are often called "Cloud Wolves" due to the fact that they tend to hop on clouds themselves, as they are very light and easily thrown, though makes for fast movements. The only noticeable "power" is that of dissipation. They can separate into watery cloud particles and appear behind a foe in the blink of an eye. Though at first they can be frightened at their first dissipation, they learn to get used to it, and the feeling that it gives. However, they can only do this for short periods of time, and at most a good ten minutes for the most skilled wolf.

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