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 Kaily City [Fantasy-Wolf RP]

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KC Membe

PostSubject: Kaily City [Fantasy-Wolf RP]   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:06 am

In 2020 humans and wolves lived in harmony The humans lived in there communities and farmlands, and the wolf stayed in their forest, Kaily City was a peaceful place. As the population of humans and wolves grew, and the technology became more advanced, humans wanted to test their medicines and human aging pills and drugs on animals. The humans turned to the wolf, as it was one of the most populated animals in Kaily City. The wolves were hunted down, but kept alive. Cruel traps were used and many wolves were turned into the testing center. The doctors and animal testers trapped the wolves in the holding rooms, they where confined to a small cage just big enough for them to stand and lay, they no longer had their freedom.

When it was time to bring the animals to the testing room, they dragged the fighting wolves and strapped them down to the tables. Most tests were done when the wolves were awake, feeling all the pain. Some tests where done by injections, some by cruelly putting tubes, holes and drips on the wolfs. As time went on the effect of these tests turned into, colorful wolves, some had wings, and others had extra limbs. Humans gave up on the testing as the government put a ban on it. But the wolves never changed to the next generation.

Years went by and new wolf species arrived most where descedants of the test wolves. By 2304 the human population had gone down hill as the products ran out, many died of hunger or air loss. But the one animal to survive were the test wolves, and their young. The wolves started to thrive, most grew in size and heart. These wolf started to reproduce and now there are many distinct breeds that have arrived because of their grandparents or great-grandparents. Six new species have arrived, and some will thrive, some will die.[/size]

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Kaily City [Fantasy-Wolf RP]
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