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 Significance . A Traditional Warriors Role Play.

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PostSubject: Significance . A Traditional Warriors Role Play.   Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:20 am

This is not my site, though we really could use some active members. c:

living through the days of the utmost significance

Welcome to Significance. We're an active role play based on the best selling series by Erin Hunter. We've been role playing the four original Clan for over a year now. We are an intermediate to advanced role play but we welcome beginners who are willing to learn.

The clans have been living by the lake for many moons now. Memorable cats like Firestar and Brambleclaw have passed on and new cats have filled their positions. The clans have barely survived a massive death toll and are only now starting to figure out where they should go with their lives. The weather has proven to be unusual to the clans and soon they will be doing something no clan cat has done in many moons. Something even StarClan couldn't foretell.

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Significance . A Traditional Warriors Role Play.
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