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 Wolves of the Dawn's Anniversary Celebratory Contest

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PostSubject: Wolves of the Dawn's Anniversary Celebratory Contest   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:03 am

Okay, the name is a bit lengthy, but basically the contest is to celebrate WotD's birthday.

The rules;;
  • Digital, traditional, or any other type of art that involves drawing is allowed
  • You must draw one of your characters and it's anima [if not anima, then try and put a background in, or both if you prefer]
  • You may have up to three entries [it can be of the same character[s] or different ones]
  • Do not flame others' drawings
  • Follow the board's main rules
  • 'Places' will not be held, you must enter before the deadline; no buts!

Entries must be entered by March 12th, voting starts that very day, and ends the 17th.

Have fun!
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Wolves of the Dawn's Anniversary Celebratory Contest
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