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PostSubject: Animas   Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:41 pm

As you know, animas are creatures partnered with wolves at birth, able to shape shift into any form at will, limited only by large animals. This topic is to explain all of their abilities and disadvantages.

The Can Do's
  • Shape shift into different forms
  • Communicate silently to partner
  • Feel the other's pain
  • Travel some distance from partner before feeling pain
  • Touch another wolf besides it's own, and vice versa

The Can't Do's
  • Shape shift into large forms (such as wolves, coyotes, bears, cougar, etc.)
  • Communicate silently to a wolf besides it's own and vice versa
  • Travel more than half a mile before feeling intense pain
  • Change their markings coloring, eye color, etc. at will (certain species disable this rule, such as a red fox to an arctic fox)
  • Change into a dog (they did not survive on the first trip to Senti)

If there is anything I've forgotten or you think I should add, please PM me or post here.
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