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 Conteria Auditions

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PostSubject: Conteria Auditions   Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:50 am

If ya' wanna go to Conteria, audition an already-accepted character here and us admins will pick one wolf from Hirisato, Mitane, and Reon to go. Good luck!

  • Wolves MUST be age two or older.
  • You must not already have a character in on this update.
  • You must be able to type at least a good two paragraphs or more, or a large first paragraph.

Here's a form you must fill out to audition:
[b]Link to Character's Profile:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]NAMEHERE[/url]
[b]Role-Play Example:[/b] (Must be of character)
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PostSubject: Re: Conteria Auditions   Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:48 am

Link to Character's Profile: Arohtar's profile
Role-Play Example: A fem gently loped along the sea shore, her churning paws splashing salty spray into her dusky hued fur. The tide lapped around her ankles. From a distance, she would almost certainly appear to be a male, as her form was large for a female. The wolf ignored the pebbles and stones turning under her paws. She shook her head as a drop landed on her quivering nose, and quickly came to a halt, The Calintia river delta just a bit ahead. She still felt well rested, for she had the gift of speed and endurance. She glanced over her shoulder, narrowing her hazel eyes into the setting sun. She opened her jaws slightly to taste the air. The evening air was still, only slightly hindering the loner.

A golden eagle circled high overhead, his shadow passing over the rock strewn beach. There was nothing in the cloudless sky, which was tinted with awe-inspiring pinks, oranges, reds, and golds. He angled his fire hued feathers, and plummeted, alighting on a pointed and unusually navy blue-black boulder near his soulmate, set back a wolf length from the sea. She glanced towards the bird, and he nodded subtly, a stranger would have to be watching intently to notice the indistinct body language pass between the two. They were safe; paw prints washed away by the tide, and nobody was following them.

Only now would the wolfess speak, and her clear voice was guarded, only out of total trust in the other did they use names. As they spoke they untensed slightly, but still remained alert. The fem's white tipped banner ran slightly lower than parallel to the ground, and her ears pulled back slightly. The ever shifting eyes were slightly narrowed, and now appeared as shards of onyx. One eye didn't focus on anything, staring straight ahead for all time, but never seeing. Arohtar stood with her back to the sea, so no wolf could catch her unawares. Not that they would, between the wolf's excellent hearing and scent and the eagle's sight.
"Narthoren, we have made it. We are no longer in the territory of the Edhil." It felt strange to refer to the pair's former pack as 'The Edhil', and not 'Our Pack' or 'Us'. A longing for home, for things to be as they were before briefly crossed her thoughts, but she pushed it away. 'Is this how my puphood friend Aragorn feels now? Or Arwena would? That name briefly sparked sorrow, but she pushed it away with an act of indifference.

Unaware that her anima had been listening in on her thoughts, the wolfess was surprised when Narthoren answered thoughtfully, slightly ruffling his feathers, making the tinted plumage flash in the dwindling light. Narthoren also spoke with more words then usual, and they were also unusually thought through and kinder.
"I believe that we all do at some point in our lives, Arohtar." Arohtar's face softened for a moment, a silent congradulation for the wisdom, then returned to the serious expression that had been there far too long. In the silence that followed, the pair's minds flashed back to the Edhil, to Arwena, to Aragorn. 'Aragorn.' The name echoed and bounced around her mind, calling forth unbidden a memory.

Aragorn had run away from the Edhil as just under a yearling, and had come back many moons later to take Arwena as his mate. Her father would not let the two become mates until Aragorn became leader of a territory. While Aragorn was back with the Edhil he had not even glanced at Arohtar, who had been his only puphood friend. Only she had spoke up for Aragorn. Arohtar and Narthoren struggled to hold their tongue and fangs. This was the closest Arohtar had ever come to harming a creature that was not an enemy nor prey. Afterwards Aragorn departed to find a territory, and a friend from his new pack. That was the last either Arwena or Arohtar ever saw of him.

Arohtar once more lifted her nose to the breeze that was now coming her way, whispering in her ears, teasing through her slate and ivory ruff and pelt. Arohtar closed her now gray eyes, exhilarated. The only sound was the quiet and raspy one of Narthoren's talons scratching the pitted limestone, leaving long and thin scars in the easily splintered rock. This called Arohtar back from her reverie.
"I scent a pack's boundary up ahead. However, their border markers are faint. The river delta lies in our path. It is far too strong for us to brave it. We shall journey upstream, and cross at a more favorable location. We shall leave at first light."

The pair concealed themselves among the rocks, using a natural alcove hidden behind the boulder Narthoren had perched on. Arohtar paced just outside the alcove, wiping away their tracks. The alcove was too small, its sides too close. Nightmares would haunt her if she slept inside. Or at least that's the lie she told to herself, although the horrible visions would almost certainly come anyways. Her left shoulder shot through with pain like a molten fire flowed in her veins, and not blood. Arohtar half lay and half collapsed in the cool sand, seeking relief from the pain that still lingered from her wound. She shifted a bit to make herself more comfortable. She would move no more that night. Twin orbs gazed up at the stars, twinkling encouragement and faith. The stars lifted Arohtar's spirits slightly, and the pain was pushed to the back of her mind, hovering there like a bee by honey. Now Arohtar's thoughts detached from her body, ignoring the torment of her frame; thinking about today's vivid flight, and yesterday's now bittersweet memories.

Narthoren came beside her, glancing from her shoulder to his wing, unsettled. Arohtar lifted her chin from her paws, and whispered solemnly,
"I don't think this wound will ever fully heal, Narthoren."
Narthoren nodded, and gazed off towards the full moon, rising slowly and surely in the sea that was the night sky, and the vast number of stars ripples in the sea, caused by the pale pebble that was the moon. Arohtar made a silent wish, closed her now blue eyes, and let herself fall into the realm of sleep. Narthoren sat perched on a boulder next to for a long while, listening to the lulling tide, and watching the moon rise. Then he too, closed his golden eyes, tucked his head under his wing, and slept. Arohtar's wish must have come true, for her sleep was silent and undisturbed. She may have even smiled a bit once or twice.

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PostSubject: Re: Conteria Auditions   Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:27 am

Character: Rafe <--- Link
Island: Reon
Roleplay example: Oops! I'm sorry, it turned into a novel. ^^"

The wind was cold and sharp that blew over the rugged, barren terrain. High above the ocean that surrounded the starkly bare island, a dark form loped easily along the rough stone of a tall mountain. The sky was that pale, intense blue that came of being too high for clouds to mar it, contrasting boldly with the bleak grey of the land below. Bright and blue as it was, the vast sky was severed abruptly in several directions by the rising forms of several immense peaks. The mountains rose up to challenge the sky, their sheer bulk towering thousands of feet into the air. Though it was only late afternoon, golden light was already bleeding over the craggy edge to the west; night fell quickly in the mountains of Reon, for all that the sun shone so intensely during its peak. In a winding pass that crawled between two larger mountains, the black speck continued moving quickly on its way. Closer inspection would reveal it to be a wolf, tall in form and powerful of build. He was making his way carefully between the loose stones and boulders that littered the steep canyon, but there was confidence in his step as well. Whoever this wolf was, he felt confident enough in himself to fear nothing that the mountain had to throw at him.

Rafe padded steadily along an invisible trail, finding routes to travel that were seemingly impassible. Whenever he reached an area that was too unstable to traverse, the large, raven-furred wolf spread his immense, feathered wings and flew for a few short wingbeats. But he never stayed aloft for long, always returning to the craggy rock surface as soon as he found someplace safe to land. Flying up so high was tiring; the air was too thin to support him easily at this altitude. And he preferred to use his own legs in any case, despite the fact that his progress was considerably slower as a result. Reaching a patch of loose shale and scree, he tested it with a paw and shifted back as several pieces of stone tumbled downward down the slope. Rafe leapt into the air and flapped powerfully for several meters, until he landed safely on a ledge some distance away.

”Where are we going, Rafe?” his anima asked with a tired patience that suggested that she had asked this question before. Her sleek, brown and white form was nestled comfortably between his wings, tucked securely into the coarse fur at the base of his neck. All she got in answer to her question was a shrug, and the slender weasel sighed as her companion turned his golden eyes forward and started forward once again. They had been travelling this mountain for nearly a quarter moon, stopping only to hunt the occasional game that was to be found on the barren peaks. The place that they had lived in before was considerably more hospitable, located as it was closer to the ocean, near a broad, slow-moving river that ran down from the bone-chilling peaks. She wouldn’t have called it plentiful, but at least it had been more peaceful and comfortable than the place in which they found themselves now. But it was for that reason, Bri admitted, that Rafe had decided to move on. Peaceful and comfortable were two words that simply did not suit him. After a while of staying in one place, he had gotten restless, and when he got restless it was time to move, regardless of where his paws took them.

Lifting his sleek head, the large wolf raised his muzzle and drew in a deep breath of freezing mountain air. “There are wolves here,” he growled softly, shifting his amber gaze around the lifeless scene surrounding them. Bri sighed again, tightening her grip on his fur and tilting her head in his direction.

”That wasn’t a ‘we should leave now’ ‘there are wolves here,’ was it?” she asked dryly, not expecting a response. Rafe only grinned and leapt forward, heading deeper into the territory of the pack that he had scented. Bri, still clinging tightly to his neck in the form of an ermine, just rolled her eyes briefly as they surged forward together, flying over broken rock and shattered stone. Despite the bone-chilling cold and biting wind, the scent of other wolves had put energy back into Rafe’s steady gait. As he travelled farther, it soon became clear that this scent was not just the traces of some loner passing through; strong, mingling aromas announced the presence of a strong and numerous pack. The fire of challenge mixed with his anima’s resigned patience as he slowed his pace, keeping his head up and his senses open for telltale signs that would reveal the presence of other wolves. Life without excitement and intrigue was no life at all; the wolf lived for danger, and adrenaline that came from courting it. Though she wished he wouldn’t be quite so reckless, Bri had long-since accepted that this was simply his way. And it was true that he could take care of himself, if it came to that. The lithe animal kept her eyes open as well as they made their way deeper into enemy territory, anticipation getting the better of her despite herself.

Stopping abruptly, the large black wolf held his tail straight and stiff behind him, and swiveled his head slowly from side to side. As if called by his sudden halt, a slender wolf appeared from behind a crag in the mountain face, her mottled grey pelt blending almost seamlessly into the stone. She was large for a female wolf, and confidence was carried in her bearing. Whether by accident or by design, Rafe’s path had led him straight to the resident pack’s Alfa female, who appeared to be catching some time alone. As was his nature, the cocky lupine slanted his head in a lazy grin, letting his tail wave gently from side to side to show that he wasn’t intimidated. The she-wolf curled her lip in a snarl; her amber eyes glinted dangerously, and above their heads, the wolf’s eagle anima let out a shrill cry. “What are you doing in my territory?” the female wolf growled. “My mate and family roam these lands alongside me; if you don’t want to lose your tail, you’d best get out now.”

Rafe grinned, not at all concerned by the she-wolf’s threat. From her position nestled between his immense black wings, his anima eyed the eagle circling overhead. She knew that her partner would not let her be harmed, but she kept an eye on the avian nonetheless. “Your family isn’t here right now, are they?” the wolf asked cheekily. “From the smell of things, they’re off taking care of whatever business needs taking care of on some other part of your territory.”

“I don’t need their help to run out a rogue like you,” the she-wolf snarled. “I’ll give you one more chance to get your hide off of my land before I rip it off you.”

“Your offer has been declined,” Rafe said offhandedly, glancing away deliberately. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the other wolf tense angrily and spring. He was ready, teeth bared in a broad grin, when she landed and barreled into him. Instead of bracing himself to resist her momentum, he rolled with it until he was on top of her, and pressed his fangs teasingly to her throat. Bri sprung into the air as a sparrow, zipping speedily to the side as the eagle dove to grasp her in his talons. The slight avian dipped and twisted to avoid the larger bird’s attacks, until she was too close to maneuver properly. Flying directly at the eagle, she did another instant transformation and spiraled toward the ground as a rattlesnake, twisted around his talons with her mouth open to expose deadly fangs.

“Will you accept a truce?” Rafe asked the wolf innocently, as if his jaws weren’t a hair away from her neck. The female growled fiercely, but he could see the light of respect glinting in her eyes. “There are so many things that I’m sure we would rather be doing than fighting,” he added persuasively. He was rewarded when the hostility faded out of the other wolf’s posture, leaving challenge and curiosity in its place.

“I suppose I’ll let you live for now,” the she-wolf growled, her eyes glinting. Twisting agilely out from underneath him, she paced around the black male with a new light gleaming in her amber eyes. “What to do with you, then…” Getting to his paws, Rafe growled playfully and nipped at the female’s ear. She shoved him with mock irritation at his forwardness, but then flicked her head for him to follow her as she made her way back towards the crevice that she had appeared from behind. Behind the two wolves, the eagle anima beat powerfully into the air with a slender ermine coiled gently in his talons. In the west, the sun bled fire and molten gold as it sank behind the mountain’s peak.

Dawn had yet to break when Rafe lifted his head from the shelter of the jagged crevice where he had spent the night. Pale grey light was beginning to show in the east, though stars still shone in the darkest part of the sky. Flicking his tail pensively, he glanced back at the female wolf, who was still curled in the corner that they had shared during the dark hours. Her anima, now a dappled grey feline, was lying languidly beside her, with Bri nestled comfortably against the cat’s belly. At his look, however, the snowy white weasel uncoiled and flowed over the cave floor to her partner. Rafe turned away from the sleeping pair as his anima hopped nimbly up to her customary place on his back, and loped steadily out of the shelter. The sun sent its first watery rays over the ridge as he disappeared down the slope, beginning a new day on the mountain. Behind him, a female wolf whose name he did not know awoke and wondered where he had gone.

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PostSubject: Re: Conteria Auditions   

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Conteria Auditions
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