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 The Old Tree

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PostSubject: The Old Tree   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:07 am

Ocean glanced at the willow tree. It survived in a place that was so unlikely, it warmed his heart. He went back to clearing the stream of obstructions. The stream he was working on, and three others, supplied water from the river in the forest to the tree. He and Arella were cleaning them. They had dug three of them when they found the tree, a sapling then. In turn the tree gave them shade, and a lovely spot to watch the sunsets from. It was infact, Arella's favorite spot because the moon rose directly above the closest island which you could see from a comfortable spot in the tree's roots.

When he was done, Ocean went over to where Arella was cleaning the last stream. He helped her finnish, then they went together and sat on the willow's roots to watch the sunset. His sunset. Absently Ocean wondered if Kaito would ever come back.
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The Old Tree
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