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 Long Overdue

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Monkey Aries

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PostSubject: Long Overdue   Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:29 am

Luna padded through the familiar fiery forest. The comforting crunch of leaves beneath her large black paws echoed amongst the trees. She heard the familiar scuffling of squirrels and other delicate prey of the lands she had so long called home. Behind her trailed her anima, Grief, in his usual form of a cautious porcupine. Neither were in a hurry to be anywhere. Neither of them hungered for anything at all. They were content to walk alone in the beauty of their forest....

Except. It wasn't really theirs was it? There were no border markers anywhere, no wolves demanding the territory, but the land did not quite belong to any wolf anymore. Luna thought of how much she loved this place...her home. And of how devastated she would be if some other wolf were to make a claim on it. She was not a pup any longer. She was large, and strong, and well in control of her powers. She did not desire to follow any wolf around, or be given orders, or even find a mate at the moment. She knew what she wanted to do...Am I strong enough? Am I ready?

Grief answered for her. Of course you-I mean we-are!

Chuckling, Luna decided not to put it off any longer. She had walked these lands all her life and the time was long overdue. She found a sloping hill amongst the autumn lands, and stood proudly on top of it. She was about to make her claim, but just as she lifted her muzzle she paused.

What's wrong? Grief asked.

I don't know what to name it...

Both pondered on it, and at once they thought the same name. Luna continued her howl, "I, Luna, do hear by claim these lands in the name of Catori Pack! Both Autumn Forest and Fall Creek are within my reign!"

Catori means spirit....And Spirit is something she had without doubt.
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Horse Aries

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PostSubject: Re: Long Overdue   Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:54 am

i couldn't tell this was a claim at first >.> any way accepted

----Nightwalker by WW

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Long Overdue
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