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 On the Road {O}

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PostSubject: On the Road {O}   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:12 pm

It was high noon, and it appeared that every living creature in the area was bustling with energy. The birds chattered noisily among the trees, and the various rodents below fled at the sight of the small, yet very frightening, creatures that walked by. The young, dark brown pup's tail swayed back and forth every once in a while, and the small ferret that walked beside her couldn't help but feel her boredom and open-minded thoughts. It was only when she said it aloud when it surprised him, not that it was any louder than if she had done so in thought. "Whoa! Look at the size of that rock!" The ferret, Faolin, quickly turned to see where she was looking. "Dusk, I don't really think we should play on that... It looks really dangerous." The pup paid no mind, however, and swiftly dashed towards it. Skidding to a halt, she scanned it, seeing that it was now probably twice the size than it looked in the distance. Her stature was puny in comparison, which made her all the more determined to show that she could do it; that she was strong.

"Please, Dusk! I don't like this! You could get hurt!" He shouted after her, seeing the pup almost at the top. He winced every time she lifted a paw to reach higher. "Faolin! I don't think you should be yelling while I'm climbing the mountain! I could slip and then we would get hurt." Faolin backed off then, worrying that she'd fall off anyways and break a leg or a paw. Or her neck. She was almost at the top when he decided to start climbing, too, so as to try and help her get down afterwords. He had longer claws than her, so he managed to make it to the top when she did. "See? I told you it'd be fun!" Faolin just let out a low "mhm-hm" to her, not really enjoying the game she had made. When Dusk walked over to the high edge over-looking the water, he really was worried. "Dusk! What are you doing? That water could carry away both of us no sweat!" The scolding took her by surprise, and one of her paws slipped on the water that had sprayed to the rock's edge, and she could do nothing when she fell in; her wings too small to help her. Faolin had run over to stop her from slipping, or at least try, but it seemed that she had fallen, as he could feel the terrible pains of the fall on his own body. But he had to get to her, to try and help her. It's just her who's hurt, my leg isn't broken, it just hurts like it is. I'm not cut anywhere, he kept reciting to himself, whether Dusk managed to hear it through her pain he didn't know.

He was careful to slowly climb down, away from the water, but could barely move when Dusk, as he could see, had started to get up. "Dusk! Stay there! I'm trying to come, don't try and get up!" It seemed he hadn't needed to say that, as her weak legs had collapsed and she fell back onto the shallow, smooth-rocked water. Faolin reached her at last, and it seemed that she had truly broken her right foreleg. A few wounds in places were upon her, and she could feel each and every one of them, even some that she thought were there but were merely sore spots from where she fell on the rocks. And Faolin felt every bit of it. "Faolin, it hurts," she said, trying to hold as still as possible to keep from feeling any more pain. It wasn't working too well, though, as the water kept washing against her. "I know," he said, wincing. "Maybe if we're lucky, someone will find us and help us. But... I really don't know what happened to Dawn and, um, Fade." That last name made Dusk a little worried. That wolf didn't really seem to friendly, at least to her.
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On the Road {O}
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