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 Full Moon

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Tiger Aquarius

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PostSubject: Full Moon   Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:50 am

Name:Full Moon
Age: winter 2 years
Island: reon
Personality: very calm and very very pretty,and she loves to impress the the others (boys).
Pelt Color: black
Eye Color: silver
Markings: a tear drop (silver), under her right eye
Ability: super fast.
History: while very young, she was lonly and scared of everything, her parents left her because she wasnt going to be alpha, and because she was afraid of stuff. she mostly spent her time at a river listening to the calming ruffles of the waves. and she offten thought of her parents, and she said that one day she would be an alpha and prove to her parents that they were wrong!! she trys her best to impress the others (boys), and often proves her self. and she loves to be with others of her kind.

Name: ichigo
Personality: very skidish, and at most funny, and he alwasys follows Full Moon.
Preferred Form: baby artic fox
Preferred Form Appearance: white artic fox that always follows full moon, and trys to cheer her up. he is always at her side
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PostSubject: Re: Full Moon   Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:04 am


You may now role-play this character.
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Full Moon
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