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 September's Update Auditions

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PostSubject: September's Update Auditions   Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:46 pm

A mystical, echo-like voice calls forward all those who appear worthy enough to go where none have gone before. Every adult wolf is tested to see if they are worthy enough to do such a task. One has already been chosen.. But three more must show their strength, for they will need it..

  • Wolves MUST be age two or older.
  • You must not already have a character in on this update.
  • You must be able to type at least a good two paragraphs or more, or a large first paragraph.

Here's a form you must fill out to audition:
[b]Link to Character's Profile:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]NAMEHERE[/url]
[b]Role-Play Example:[/b] (Must be of character)

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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:48 pm

Link to Character's Profile: Arohtar
Role-Play Example:

A fem gently loped along the sea shore, her churning paws splashing salty spray into her dusky hued fur. The tide lapped around her ankles. The wolf ignored the pebbles and stones turning under her paws. She shook her head as a drop landed on her quivering nose, and quickly came to a halt, The Calintia river delta just a bit ahead. She still felt well rested, for she had the gift of speed and endurance. She glanced over her shoulder, narrowing her hazel eyes into the setting sun. She opened her jaws slightly to taste the air. The evening air was still, only slightly hindering the loner.

A golden eagle circled high overhead, his shadow passing over the rock strewn beach. There was nothing in the cloudless sky, which was tinted with awe-inspiring pinks, oranges, reds, and golds. He angled his fire hued feathers, and plummeted, alighting on a pointed and unusually navy blue-black boulder near his soulmate, set back a wolf length from the sea. She glanced towards the bird, and he nodded subtly, a stranger would have to be watching intently to notice the indistinct body language pass between the two. They were safe; paw prints washed away by the tide, and nobody was following them.

Only now would the wolfess speak, and her clear voice was guarded, only out of total trust in the other did they use names. As they spoke they untensed slightly, but still remained alert. The fem's white tipped banner ran slightly lower than parallel to the ground, and her ears pulled back slightly. The ever shifting eyes were slightly narrowed, and now appeared as shards of onyx. One eye didn't focus on anything, staring straight ahead for all time, but never seeing. Arohtar stood with her back to the sea, so no wolf could catch her unawares. Not that they would, between the wolf's excellent hearing and scent and the eagle's sight.
"Narthoren, we have made it. We are no longer in the territory of the Edhil." It felt strange to refer to the pair's former pack as 'The Edhil', and not 'Our Pack' or 'Us'. A longing for home, for things to be as they were before briefly crossed her thoughts, but she pushed it away. 'Is this how my puphood friend Aragorn feels now? Or Arwena?'

Unaware that her anima had been listening in on her thoughts, the wolfess was surprised when Narthoren answered thoughtfully, slightly ruffling his feathers, making the tinted plumage flash in the dwindling light. Narthoren also spoke with more words then usual, and they were also unusually thought through and kinder.
"I believe that we all do at some point in our lives, Arohtar." Arohtar's face softened for a moment, a silent congradulation for the wisdom, then returned to the serious expression that had been there far too long. In the silence that followed, the pair's minds flashed back to the Edhil, to Arwena, to Aragorn. 'Aragorn.' The name echoed and bounced around her mind, calling forth unbidden a memory.

Aragorn had run away from the Elves as just under a yearling, and had come back many moons later to take Arwena as his mate. Her father would not let the two become mates until Aragorn became leader of a territory. While Aragorn was back with the Elves he had not even glanced at Arohtar, who had been his only puphood friend. Only she had spoke up for Aragorn. Arohtar and Narthoren struggled to hold their tongue and fangs. This was the closest Arohtar had ever come to harming a creature that was not an enemy nor prey. Afterwards Aragorn departed to find a territory, and a friend from his new pack. That was the last either Arwena or Arohtar ever saw of him.

Arohtar once more lifted her nose to the breeze that was now coming her way, whispering in her ears, teasing through her slate and ivory ruff and pelt. Arohtar closed her now gray eyes, exhilarated. The only sound was the quiet and raspy one of Narthoren's talons scratching the pitted limestone, leaving long and thin scars in the easily splintered rock. This called Arohtar back from her reverie.
"I scent a pack's boundary up ahead. However, their border markers are faint. The river delta lies in our path. It is far too strong for us to brave it. We shall journey upstream, and cross at a more favorable location. We shall leave at first light."

The pair concealed themselves among the rocks, using a natural alcove hidden behind the boulder Narthoren had perched on. Arohtar paced just outside the alcove, wiping away their tracks. Her left shoulder shot through with pain like a molten fire flowed in her veins, and not blood. Arohtar half lay and half collapsed in the cool sand. The fem gazed up at the stars, twinkling encouragement and faith. The stars lifted Arohtar's spirits slightly, and the pain was pushed to the back of her mind, hovering there like a bee by honey. Now Arohtar's thoughts detached from her body, ignoring the torment of her frame; thinking about today's vivid flight, and yesterday's now bittersweet memories.

Narthoren came beside her, glancing from her shoulder to his wing, unsettled. Arohtar lifted her chin from her paws, and whispered solemnly,
"I don't think this wound will ever fully heal, Narthoren."
Narthoren nodded, and gazed off towards the full moon, rising slowly and surely in the sea that was the night sky, and the vast number of stars ripples in the sea, caused by the pale pebble that was the moon. Arohtar closed her now blue eyes, and let herself fall into the realm of sleep. Narthoren sat perched on a boulder next to for a long while, listening to the lulling tide, and watching the moon rise. Then he too, closed his golden eyes, tucked his head under his wing, and slept.

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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:30 am

Link to Character's Profile: Sai
Role-Play Example: Sai climbed up the mountain side with his life companion Hackle right now in her favorite form The Hyena. He colors were the same as any other hyena, she was mostly brown with black spots plastered over her back. Her muzzle, paws and tail were black but right before the tail starts was brown. Hackle was a Jokester and a talker, she just didnít know when to hut her mouth up. But Sai loved her for that though she always had a way of cheering him up when he needed to; just like now.

Saiís paw slipped on some lose rocks almost plummeting back down the base of the mountain. He was able regain his footing, out of panic he looked down at the drop below. Not the smartest thing to do right before almost falling to your doom. The rocks he slipped on fell right over Hackle, lucky she was able to move out the way just in time, ďWatch it ya bonehead Iím walking right behind you.Ē Hackle yelled at him. Her voice was barely auditable over the mountain wind. The wind ruffled his Black fur, he had to adjust his ears to be able to hear what she said, ďSorry Hackle this is the first time we have ever climbed a mountain. i hope this is far enough from my pack I know they'll be looking for me once they find out Iím gone. he sighed

Sai thought back to how they treated him like he was some kind of hero when all he wanted to do was live a normal life. They stole his puppyhood away from him But they would not still his happiness. He dreamed of starting his own family, surrounded a pack of loyal pack members. But his day dream was interrupted by none other then Hackle, she jumped on to his back while he was deep in thought "Iím sure am tired why don't we take a break or you could just carry me the rest of the way. "Hackle Iím not going to carry you way don't you just change into something that flies". Hackle changed into a mouse and ran to the top of Sai's head "because Iím too tried to flap my arms now just carry". he sighed "you know if we didn't feel the same pain i would eat you "Sai said half joking
"yeah yeah what ever, more climbing and less talking"

----Nightwalker by WW

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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:12 am

Link to Character's Profile: Kodiak
Role-Play Example: Everything seemed so peacefull. Everything was exactly the way it should be. But everything was about to be chaotic. Hiddin in the shadows, concealed in the dense bushes nearby, was a large russet brown brute. He hadn't eaten in a few good days, and now seemed to be the perfect time, for what lay before him was a huge herd of deer. Being on the island of Mitane, big herds were common since life was easy and prey was plentiful. It was beyond Kodiak as to why he'd waited so long for a meal, but now he wouldn't have to worry about that. All he had to do was catch one.

A buck was out of the question, even for a full grown male wolf. He'd need more stamina and more wolves if he wanted to bring one of them down. Besides, he wouldn't be able to finish it all, and most of his time would go to waste. A doe would be easier; less muscle and no horns. Though by himself one of those would be difficult unless he got lucky. A fawn. There were definately plenty of them playing among eachother within the masses of brown and white bodies before him, though they were protected well. The rest of the herd could turn on him; he wouldn't stand a chance if that happened.

Though he was hungry, and the last time he'd gone hunting like this the deer scattered instead of trying to protect each other. That was their instinct afterall; power in numbers. If one fell behind there was no hope. Maybe he'd be able to make this work afterall. His silver eyes watched, two fawns all the way across the way from him playing together. Attack plans were being made inside his head as he thought of ways he could bolt and catch up to one, when a flurry of brown and white ran right beside his bush. A fawn had just passed right in front of him, happily frolicking and enjoying the warmth of the clear sky and bright sun above, while it's worst nightmare lurked in the bush next to it.

He cursed himself; he'd missed the perfect opportunity to strike. That fawn would have been the easiest deer kill he'd ever gotten and he missed it. He let out a breath of hot air as he scanned for anything closer to him. Just his luck; there was a fawn with it's back to him not but ten steps away. It was busy eating the soft, lusious grass to notice the wolf so close to it, preparing to attack. Grinning to himself, Kodiak gathered himself and was just about to fling himself out of the cover of the foliage when an alarm call sounded from above. It was one of those darn birds that he'd completely forgotten the name of that send out loud calls when it sees a predator nearby.

Naturally, the deer immediately scattered. Kodiak burst from his cover and headed straight for the first fawn he saw. His cover had been blown too early; they were all too far away. He didn't know if he'd be able to catch up. His ever hungry stomach pushed him onward and he strained his leg muscles, making them beat against the ground faster. He covered a lot of ground quicker than he thought he could, and easily caught up with the herd. He maneuvered himself when he spotted one of the many fawns, and positioned himself behind it. Giving one last push with his legs, he launched himself forward and flailed with his paws. One of them made contact with it's hind leg and sent the small creature stumbling to the ground, flipping over itself on the way.

Kodiak made quick work of securing his prize by sinking his ivory fangs into it's neck. Blood seeped into his mouth almost at contact, and he knew at that moment that he'd found the ever important jugular vein. The fatal blow. Kodiak kept his hold on it's scrawny neck as it's breathing became shallow and short. The fawn was a fighter, that's for sure. He flicked his gaze upward to see a couple of does that stayed behind. Protected by distance, they watched as the fawn took it's last shaky breath and fell prey to the wolf. One of them flicked an ear and turned to bound away to catch up with the rest of the herd. The others hesitated, their large eyes watching the wolf wearily, before they too turned to run. Kodiak released his hold on the small creature and pointed his ears forward as he licked the remnants of blood from his maw and fangs, searching for the sound of approaching pawsteps of hungry wolves looking for an easy meal. Luckily, he heard none, and his head lowered over the limp body in front of him, the alarm call of the bird fading away slowly.


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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:30 am

Link to Character's Profile: Shiva
Role-Play Example:

Arching rays of silky golden sunlight seeped out from behind the dark gray mountains in the distance, creating quite a masterpiece for everyone to see. The earth seemed to take a deep sigh before shapes started to appear beneath the sky, some arching their necks down to take small mouth-fulls of grass and some slunk deep in the field to sneak up on these vegetarians. One shape in particular was pretty eye-catching, stronger and quicker than the rest. Ears laid back and hazel eyes set ahead, Shiva was crouched down, the tall blades of grass surrounding him as he snuck up on an elk. The elk's sides were scratched up with pink marks, obviously this one had escaped a good few times. Shiva caught a flash of motion out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to see a falcon a few yards away. It was perched on a limb of a short tree, its yellow eyes stared at him intensely before it squawked and flew back into the safety of the woods. Shiva shook his head, Arun did this just to distract him. She was no good to have during a hunt like this one, but he felt he couldn't live without her.
His lungs inhaled air slowly and then breathed it back out as he crept on. After getting about three feet away from his prey, Shiva licked his lips hungrily, carelessly stepping on a twig with his back paw. The crack made the elk whip its head around to stare at the predator, its amber eyes blazed with fright. That's when Shiva took the leap. All he could think about was how good this would taste after all those days of deprivation, and how much he needed this. His stomach had been rumbling harder each night that he didn't have food. Shiva closed his eyes but instead of hitting the tender skin of his catch, the gray muzzle hit grass. Shiva spat it out and looked around. There wasn't an elk anymore. His eyes narrowed as he padded over to the place where the elk had been standing just a few moments ago. Shiva's ears perked up. There wasn't any trace of the food anywhere: no hoof prints in the dirt, no blades of grass stomped on in a meanings to get away from the lion-like predator, nothing. A ghost elk, you might ask?
This was no ghost elk, Shiva scoffed to himself, it was a hallucination. His head swiveled from left to right. The shapes were gone, the liveliness of the fields gone. Just him. So much for food.


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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:43 am

Link to Character's Profile: Jairo
Role-Play Example: (I feel so intimidated by these GINORMOUS posts!)

Jairo trotted through the woodlands, his large paws tossing up bits of dust through the winding path. Thoughts whorled through the large brujo's mind. Vanhi was leaving? He knew Orion was perfectly capable of leading Fulki, but it just wouldn't be the same. The ebony female carried that certain air around her, the air of regalness. Orion still fit the part, Jairo knew, but he would miss Vanhi. Not only was she his alphess, Jairo thought he and Vanhi might become friends some day. Jairo's silver irises flicked upwards. The bright, golden sun was shining bravely in the face of autumn. The trees, once overflowing with crisp green leaves, were now overcome with dead, orange and red leaves. This is was the rust colored male loved. Before winter, where the weather is still somewhat warm. And yet, even with snow and cold coming on, Jairo could stare at the beauty of Fall and become lost. Not in the physical sense, but the mental. The handsome male could forget the troubles of his past, and enjoy his future.

Jairo kept walking, not knowing if he was even still in Fulki packlands, when he scented a border marker. Puzzling over the idea for a moment, Jairo lifted his leg and added a fresh marker, as the one he had found was weak. Sighing internally, Jairo turned about face and headed back to the heart of Fulki. Jairo soon found a break in the trees, where a warm, golden thread of noon sunlight warmed a patch of soft grass. Jairo ignored it. He knew what would happen if he let his mental barriers slip.

Just at that moment, a scent reached Jairo's moist, black nose. A sweet scent, though a bit cloying. The brute recognized thyme, a leafy, green plant that is good for calming and treating shock. Mentally shrugging, Jairo grabbed a mouthful of the green stems and continued towards the dens. There was nothing wrong with having a supply of herbs. Who knows? Maybe Jairo could even become healer. The multi-hued brute had always had a knack for herbs and poultices. He knew countless remedies for treating numerous illnesses and injuries.

Jairo wanted to be known, to have friends more than anything. He and his family lived aone; they had been his only friend. Sometimes he dreamed of what it would be like to have a mate and family. The vision came to Jairo, unexpectedly popping in front of his silver orbs. Jairo was sitting, looking down with a compassionately proud look in his eyes. Three miniature copies of their father scrabled over Jairo's large paws. A longing filled Jairo. That was what he wanted, what he wanted most of all.


Jairo let a single crystal escape his silver iris. Thoughts of Jalissa would not leave his overcrowded mind. For a split second, Jairo contemplated returning to his homeland, to search once more in vain for his lost sister. A shudder of pain rocked Jairo's masculine bodice; he knew that his search would be fruitless. Jalissa had been carried off by a mountain lion, and the wild felines were not known to release their prey easily. The rust colored brujo was barely aware of the mud-covered wolf that ran upu to him, obviously confused by Jairo's attempt to release his mental pain; by adding to it with physical torture.

The dense fog surrounding Jairo's mind began to lift, and the brute was aware of a few cloyingly scented leaves shoved into his face. Not coherent enough to know what else to do, Jairo munched the leaves into a pulp, swallowing the thick wad of herb. He had trained as a healer before, and the male recognized thyme. The leafy green herb was used for calming and soothing.

Struggling to his feet, Jairo's muscular body leaned against the boulder for support. He nodded his head respectfully to Vanhi, recognizing her as the top rank, whereas Jairo was an Omega. "Vanhi, I thank you. Thyme is a very useful herb with a condition such as mine. You see, before I left my homeland, my younger sister, Jalissa, was carried away by a starving mountain lion. I have not seen her sense. Every time she enters my thoughts, it's like I'm being consumed by memories of her, and I enter a state of shock. Most of the time, someone like you is not around to help me. Again, thank you."

Jairo turned to the other wolf, the mud-encrusted male. "Hello, my name is Jairo Mathius. What can I call you by?" Jairo's respectful side was taking control. Normally he wasn't very considerate to most wolves; he was brought up in a war zone. "Vanhi, I realize that you normally ask a wolf that is wishing for acceptance into your pack a few questions before you allow them entrance. I also realize that we did not follow this procedure. I believe I am fully recovered from my episode; would you like to ask them now?"

Here's a few =]
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PostSubject: Re: September's Update Auditions   

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September's Update Auditions
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